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    Default How to get over public restroom fear?

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    Sometimes when I use public restrooms I can't pee. If its just me in the restroom I can use the the stalls or urinals no problem. And usely if there's alot of people I can use the stall, but not the urinal( by use I mean actually peeing). But if there's only like one or two people in there with me I usely can't go at all, stall or urinal. So I don't know what's wrong with me, I wish I can just use the urinal no matter how many people are there, but every time I try(in less I'm alone) I can't. I mean I don't care if they see my penis or any thing. Any advice?

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    Default Re: How to get over public restroom fear?

    Sounds odd man. Are you sure your not overly modest? Does it bother you to use public locker rooms or showers? Even if you really really got to pee man you still can't? I guess if your at all nervous about peeing around others or think anything about not being able to go just really concentrate hard. I'm sorry man I'm of no help here I know but I gave it a shot.

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    Default Re: How to get over public restroom fear?

    I'm the same, I never pee anywhere except for my own house. if there's ANYONE else in there with me, no matter how hard I concentrate, I can't get anything out and I just leave, desperate

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    Default Re: How to get over public restroom fear?

    That is extremely odd.

    What is it in your head that is stopping you? The fact that they can hear you urinate? .. I can't think of any reason to why you wouldn't be able to pee in a toilet :/
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