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    Default How can I insert myself into a group of guys?

    I'll be blunt,

    I have terrible anxiety, I'm very afraid of social interactions, I will be seeing help for it, but for the most part- I'm really looking to gain some friends. Something I've never really had before.

    Preferably I'd like to have some guy friends I can chill with it, but I'm afraid that my personality and interests may not line up with your typical dude. Like I'm not into sports, I'm not some entitled fuckboy who wants to chase after every pussy I see, I'm not super macho or intimidating. I just don't think I'll fit in.

    I think what I hate most is that because I'm not like most normal dudes I'm afraid of ever inserting myself in that kind of group.

    I think I'm all over the place with this because this is coming to me as I type, but has anybody else felt like this. Have you felt that weren't masculine enough that you don't even bother trying to hang around other dudes because you know very few like you exist?

    And if you have any advice, how should I go about it?

    (I start school again very soon so I thought this would be appropriate)
    [whatever i had in mind it wasn't important]

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    Default Re: How can I insert myself into a group of guys?

    When I first saw this question, my immediate response was "not sure that's physically possible" lol.

    But yea. Truth is, you get along with who you get along with. Forcing friendships to happen where they aren't meant to is mistake number one. Let people come and go as they will. That's not to say you can't try to initiate contact, but pushing to hard will earn you a metaphorical kick to the face.

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