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    Blush $24 thousand dollars, he will pay

    My friend is in college, his freshman year tuition is $16,000, and $10,000 dorm, and food is $2,000.

    He saved $8,000 And has a $6,000 a year loan, his parents pay the rest. It totals about $22,000 @ 1.126% interest for 5 years and right now his monthly payments are $377.26 per month.

    True if he graduated and gets a job, he expects $60,000 a year, that's great, but a freshman forking out $377.?? A month for his loan has got to be rough. He says it's to build credit. Good, but no job, how can this work without defaulting on the loan?

    If I was his parents I would not sleep at night knowing my kid was trying to make payments he probably can't afford.

    Plus what parent puts there kid in debt?

    I know my parents will expect me to pay my share after I graduate, then I will be making the money to pay it.

    My friend will not talk to me and I am scared to use his school email to contact him.

    What do you think of it all?
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    Default Re: $24 thousand dollars, he will pay

    71 views, and no opinions?

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    Default Re: $24 thousand dollars, he will pay

    Ok, 850 views, all I can say is, "no one disagrees"

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