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    Default As planet X crashes into GovTeen i make my home in the most desolate part of the site

    Thx a lot, came here a when i was just a libertarian and now 5 years later i have to say that while i wasn't here a lot the people here affected me in a positive way, Matt taught me how to think properly(still working on it) and stopped me from eating out of the trashcan of ideology, Jimmy showed me that not all conservatives are dumb, Conran had funny avatars, one of which got me into Twin Peaks. I also had fun debating Gideon, i think he's great. But more than anything this site showed me how easy my life is and how much it rules, some of you had messed up childhoods, for real. It was cool to witness Drakon learn english more or less from scratch.

    You can add Friedrich Bängels on steam if you'd like, your 4th most iconic continental member is signing off.
    Let the haze lift Pull yourself out of that grave pit
    And consider how you became sick - Slave, Zack Hemsey

    We learn to walk but the spirit in us crawls - We will reign, The last internationale

    And in the spring, i shed my skin and it blows away with the changing wind
    the waters turn, from blue to red as towards the sky i offer it
    - Rabbit heart, Florence + The machine

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    Default Re: As planet X crashes into GovTeen i make my home in the most desolate part of the

    ... Drakon learned English....??? good to have you here

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