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    Default Girlfriend is 18 days late, but negative tests ..

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    My girlfriend's last period was on August 20, 48 days ago. She has a period every 30 days and expected to have her period on or around September 19th, but it never came. Around the time she expected to get it again (approx. September 19th) she began breaking out into hives and now has hives all over her body-- they are small, but definitely hives. We took a Clearblue home pregnancy test a week ago, on October 2, and it came back negative right away.. we even waited over fifteen minutes and held it under a light to make sure no faded line was present. It was a blatant negative. We tested again on October 5. The second test also came back as negative.

    Today is October 7th. She complained last night in her sleep that she was very hot, and today said she was dizzy and "almost fainted walking to the car." I'm smart enough to know that all of these are tell tale signs of a pregnancy but we tested again today and it came back negative again.. Now, my question is: What is the likelihood that she is pregnant?

    I understand the urine home pregnancy tests recognize the levels of HCG hormones in her body, but if her hives are a reaction to the HCG hormonal levels, wouldn't one of the Clearblue tests come back as positive? I mean, if enough of the hormone is present to cause hives and she is experiencing these other issues, I'd imagine it would be because of the hormonal changes in her body. Although, we still get negative results.

    She has been EXTREMELY stressed lately, and I know that a missed period can indeed be caused by stress.. but the hives coming around the exact same time she was expecting her period really has us worried.

    We have never, and I mean never, had unprotected sex. We've always used a condom and have never once had sex without protection. So, if she is pregnant, it is one of those freak cases of where a condom did not work.. latex condoms, too, not lambskin.

    Thanks for any advice. We're going to see a doctor this weekend to get an answer.. hopefully taking a blood test to find out what is going on. Also, how much more accurate would a blood test be at this point than a urine-based HPT?


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    Default Re: Girlfriend is 18 days late, but negative tests ..

    Doctors have 99.9% accuracy with the tests. At least I believe so .

    The pregnancy kits are reliable if done properly.

    If you choose to use a home pregnancy test (urine), you should use the following advice to help make the test more accurate:
    • If you are not using first morning urine, make sure that your urine has been in your bladder for four hours.
    • Do not drink excessive amounts of fluid in an attempt to increase the volume of urine, this can dilute the urine, making hCG not as detectable.
    • If you are taking any medications, including fertility drugs, read the package inserts before testing to see if your medications will affect the results of your home pregnancy test.

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    Default Re: Girlfriend is 18 days late, but negative tests ..

    Hey I know its 2 years after this was written but I'm going through exactly the same situation myself and would really like to hear what happened and how things worked out for you? 😊

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    Default Re: Girlfriend is 18 days late, but negative tests ..

    Don't bump old threads please.


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