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    Default **Diary GUIDELINES AND RULES**

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    Diary Guidelines and Rules
    (Updated 05/14/13)

    Your diary managers are:
    Ricky, Ryan, and David.

    To Request a New Diary:

    1.) You must be a member of GovTeen for a minimum of 30 days and have more than 50 posts.

    2.) A member may own up to THREE diaries, but EVERY DIARY MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE (1) UNIQUE OWNER (Someone who owns only ONE diary.) Unique owners are NOT special in any way or have any special powers, and they are NOT appointed or designated. Nobody can be made a unique owner. A unique owner is simply someone who owns only ONE diary. **A DIARY CAN HAVE MORE THAN ONE UNIQUE OWNER!!**

    3.) You must then make a thread in the New Diary Requests forum with the following:
    a.) Name of the diary you would like to make
    b.) Description to be posted on the main diary page
    c.) Owners of the diary
    d.) Any other diaries you currently own

    4.) A diary manager will then post in the thread explaining whether the diary has been accepted and added to the wait list or if it has been denied.

    5.) A maximum of 35 diaries is allowed at one time. If there are 35 diaries and someone requests a diary, it will then be added to a wait list until a spot is open. Diaries are added in the order that they are requested.

    6.) If you change your user name while you are on the waiting list, please PM a Diary Manager and let us know.

    Diary Maintenance:

    1.) A minimum of ONE (1) quality post per week by one of the unique owners in the diary is required. A quality post is an appropriate, on-topic post, not a post where you complain about your diary being deleted, a one-word reply or a 'spam' post. If a quality post is not made, an [X] with a date will be placed in the title of the diary. What is and isn't classed as a 'quality' post is down to the discretion of the Diary Administrators. It is your responsibility to post every week and check for an [X]. [X]'s WILL NOT BE REMOVED UNTIL THE DATE INDICATED, EVEN IF A UNIQUE OWNER POSTS IN THE DIARY. DO NOT ASK FOR IT TO BE REMOVED!

    2.) Diaries that have been [X]'ed three (3) times within six months will be deleted without warning. If we have to keep [X]'ing a diary, the owners obviously do not care about it, and we will make room for another diary.

    3.) Diaries that are found to not have a unique owner will have three (3) days to find one. An [X] will be placed with a date 3 days from then. If a unique owner is not found within 3 days, the diary will be deleted.

    4.) Diaries will be checked for inactivity at the end of each month.

    5.) New diaries may be deleted without notice in the first 30 days if the unique owner fails to post once every 7 days.

    Diary Rules:

    1.) Diary owners are allowed to voice their opinion on whatever subject they choose to discuss in their diaries, except from direct bashing of other members. That is simply NOT tolerated. The moderation is left to the owners' discretion unless a problem arises in which case a diary manager will step in to solve the problem.

    2.) Diaries created for the purpose of talking about religion are not permitted. These have been permitted in the past and have only lead to fights.

    3.) Harassment of diary owners in their diaries will not be tolerated.

    4.) Diary Managers have the right to ban anybody from a specific diary or the entire diary section if a problem arises where this solution is required.

    5.) Any serious problems need to be PM'ed to a diary manager immediately so that they can be quickly dealt with.

    6.) No diary will be created which competes with one of the main forums. Examples are: "puberty diaries, current event diaries, help and advice diaries."

    7.) Any threads closed by a Diary Administrator should not be posted in again. Doing so will result in a warning or even an infraction. If you have any questions about why a thread has been closed, please contact one of the Diary Administrators.

    8.) Please remember, the diaries are a part of the GovTeen forum network, and so, all regular forum rules are also applicable to the diaries. These include the rules regarding bashing of fellow members/staff, pornographic material (ie; links to pornographic websites or pornographic images), spamming, and the appropriate use of the rep system. Any members found breaking or abusing these rules may either be removed from their respective diaries, have their diaries deleted, or be banned from posting in the diaries section. All rule breaks will be dealt with by Diary Administrators or higher staff on a case-by-case basis.


    Any questions or queries about any of the rules or guidelines can either be asked directly to a Diary Manager, or posted in the Diary Suggestions thread.
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