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    Default Why to my balls hurt sometimes

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    Sometimes my balls will feel like they get really tight and hurt really bad. There's nothing i can do to make the pain go away except for wait it out and hold my nutsack until it's gone. Anybody know why?

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    Default Re: Why to my balls hurt sometimes

    Exposure to extremely cold conditions? Extreme sexual arousal? Either of the above can cause contraction of the testicles, though it's not normal for that to happen to the point of pain. I'm also guessing that the reason it goes away when you "hold your nutsack" is that when you do that, the warmth of your hands is allowing/causing the scrotum to relax and loosen up at least a bit.

    Obviously if this is a constant big problem it would be worth talking to your doctor about, because you can't really go through life holding your balls in public! But if it's a once in a while thing, I would recommend making a point of wearing thicker clothes/underwear, to help keep yourself warmer. And that doesn't mean packing everything around your groin. Wearing sweaters/thicker clothes to keep your whole body covered is the important thing, because if your keep your entire trunk warm, there will be extra warmth left over for your body to send to your scrotum.

    Of course, as I mentioned above, extreme sexual arousal can do it too; or this might be an issue of "blue balls" (built up sexual tension) if it happens at times when you've been aroused for extended periods of time without relief. If that is the problem, then the most simple and effective solution might be to masturbate more often.
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    Default Re: Why to my balls hurt sometimes

    if you're 17 and still having scrotal pain, you need to see a doctor since there's a good chance that you've got an infection.

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    Default Re: Why to my balls hurt sometimes

    As Christian said, it can be a number of things, but you shouldn't be feeling pain, i don't think. I would see a doctor just to know your safe.
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