How can I increase my penis size? Do penis size enlargement methods really work?
A review of penile anatomy, enlargement techniques, and their caveats.

Penis size enlargement refers to methods used to increase the size of penis length, girth, or a combination thereof. Bombarded with spam e-mails and magazine, television, and Internet pop-ups, our society's men find themselves very concerned with "size." Compounded with ordinary teenage curiosity and unexpected variations in boys' pubertal growth rates, it is no wonder that many teenage guys as well are even more concerned with their penis sizes.

Questions as to the safety and reliability of various penis size enlargement procedures arise frequently on these boards. My sincerest hope is that the multiple techniques and mechanisms for penis size enlargement--their caveats and dangers, costs, and intended applications of use outlined in this thread--might bring you to a fuller understanding of what those advertisements are all about as well as satisfy any curiosity you might have pertaining to these procedures, should you yourself be considering penis enlargement.

Herein, we will concern ourselves with two different brands of procedures for penis size enlargement. These include self-treated enlargement and surgical methods for enlargement. Allow me to preface by stating that reported results of men who have attempted self-treatment methods for enlarging their penises are quite inconclusive. Many men will testify to having experienced amazing success with all sorts of methods while an equal number of men claim that their time and treasure invested in techniques, pills, and exercises was all for naught. We can, however, say a few things for sure.
  • The US Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved any method for penis size enlargement. Some companies will try to market their products as "FDA Approved" when in fact those products have been approved by the FDA for other purposes (more on this later).
  • Results of scientific studies and testing touted by companies which sell these products are often biased and come from laboratories that have been paid off by the products' manufacturers to conduct a biased testing or skew their findings.
  • Penis size enlargement surgeries, pills, and self-treatments can be extremely expensive.
  • Advertisers are propagandists. Advertisements for these products are doused with testimonial propaganda, bandwagon propaganda, and false statistics. These companies are interested in making money, even when it means being dishonest.
Before we continue any further, it might be beneficial if we briefly review the anatomy of the penis. A penis is composed of three columns of tissue, veins, and tubes surrounded by a sheath of skin. The corpus cavernosum urethrae surrounds the urethra on the underside of the penis and atop it lie separated by a septum the two corpus cavernosa. The dorsal arteries dilate and engorge this spongy tissue with blood, causing it (the penis) to stiffen. Suspensory ligaments connected to the pubic bone support the erection and as some guys might have noticed at one time or another, may give it a distinct angle and allow one to "flex" his erection.


Surgical Penis Enlargement

By special surgery called an augmentation, a cosmetic surgeon can increase the length or girth of the penis. To increase girth, he injects fat or silicone into the the penis. For an increase in length, the suspensory ligaments which support the penis are severed, which, rather than giving the penis an arch, allows the penis to extend straight out from the body.

These surgeries can go wrong. A considerable amount of men are dissatisfied by the outcome of their surgeries and side effects include severe scarring, a lumpy penis, decreased functionality of the erection or an inability to engage in penetrative sex, nerve damage, and pain.

Cosmetic surgeries for penile enlargement for purely cosmetic reasons are not liable for coverage by any insurance plan, which means that the patient pays the full price out of pocket.

Jelq and Jojido

Supposedly of Arabian and Japanese origin, respectively, these two techniques rely on the false premise that the penis is a muscle which can be toned and thus elongated with exercise. Employing what would seem to be a glorified masturbation technique, the guy wraps his thumb and forefinger (to make an "O") around the base of his semi-erect penis and draws upward, along the length of the shaft. This method is ineffective for obvious reasons; it is virtually impossible to keep a semi-hard erection during practice.

Just like ordinary masturbation, too much pressure on the penis can cause bruising or broken blood vessels which may cause bleeding from the urethra.


Clamping in voles attaching a clap or other constricting device to the base of the penis and masturbating for prolonged periods of time. This is extremely dangerous as prolonged erections can cause damage to the sensitive spongy columnar tissues of the penis which we discussed earlier. This can result in erectile dysfunction.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are intended for use by diabetics and patients of low circulation who cannot achieve a strong erection, which is why Medicare and some insurance plans provide coverage for the cost of these devices. A tube is placed over the penis and a hand-held pump creates a vacuum which draws blood into the penis's tissues.

Continued and improper use of the penis pump without a doctor's consultation can result in serious injury to the columnar tissues of the penis and the snapping of the tendons at the base of the penis. While penis pumps can be used to achieve an erection, they in no way increase the length of the erection.


Weights attached to various points on the penis supposedly stretch the penis's tissues and skin, involving in an increased length. Since nothing save more tissue in the penis can create a lengthened erection, a stretching of the tissue does not work for this purpose. Weights are also cumbersome and require many months and even years of use before the "desired result" is achieved. This method has not been confirmed as effective and can result in scarring and impotence.


As we have investigated, each of these methods bears the risks of terrible side effects. Impotence, or the inability to reach an erection, as well as desensitization of the penis are common to all them. Consider that if you are reading this, you are probably still in puberty and may have many more years of potential penis growth ahead of you. Also remember that your partner probably does not even care about your size; a 4-inch penis and a 6-inch penis can likewise pleasure any woman or man.

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