ToS Lite Version 1.2
By iwpoe

The ToS (Terms of Service) has a section entitled "FORUM RULES". This section contains the guidelines for acceptable posting.

The section is itself made up of eight subsections each of which describes a specific prohibited action or set of actions. The names of these subsections are: Racism and other Intolerance, Undesirable Post Content, Unsavory Characters, Disrespect Towards Moderators, Multiple Accounts, Moderator Begging, Deception, and Forum Rules.

When moderators issue infractions or warnings those infractions/warnings take their names form the eight ToS subsections. This is supposed to indicate which subsection of the Forum Rules members should read if they want to know exactly what rule they're breaking.

Here is a brief summary of what each of these subsections prohibit. From this summary members can get a basic idea of what is and is not allowed on GovTeen. For more detail, members should consult the full Terms of Service. The full terms of service contains the only binding set of Forum Rules. This summary is only a guide. In the instance of a conflict between this summary and the full Forum Rules in the ToS, the full ToS rules are correct.
Racism and other Intolerance prohibits illegitimately claiming that certain groups of people are worse than other groups of people. For example, you cannot claim, "Blacks are inferior human beings in comparison to whites."

Undesirable Post Content prohibits posting nudity. For example, you cannot post pornography. It also prohibits graphic images. This includes pictures of gore. Links to websites with nudity or graphic images are also prohibited. Also, conducting or discussing how to conduct illegal activity is prohibited. An example is discussing how to buy illegal drugs. Lastly, soliciting members for sexual interaction is not allowed. This includes asking for cybersex or off-site picture trading and webcamming.

Unsavory Characters prohibits acting rudely to other members. This includes, for example, spamming, name calling, or trying to start fights.

Disrespect Towards Moderators prohibits members from defying things moderators ask them to do while they are conducting their job as a moderator. For example, you cannot edit a post back to what it was after a moderator has changed it.

Confidential Information prohibits current and former staff from revealing confidential staff information and prohibits members from asking current and former staff or other members for confidential information. It also prohibits trading this information with other members should you come across it.

Multiple Accounts prohibits a member from having more than one account.

Moderator Begging prohibits a member from begging staff for a moderator position.

Deception prohibits members from lying in order to mislead other members.

Forum Rules prohibits members from disobeying rules posted in individual forums. For example, boys are not allowed to post in the P101 Girls forum.

To say it as briefly as possible:

1: Don't say some sorts of people are better than others.
2: Don't post nudity.
3: Don't post violent or gory images.
4: Don't link to sites with nudity or violent or gory images.
5: Don't do or discuss doing illegal things here.
6: Don't try to do sexual things with members here.
7: Don't be rude.
8: Don't defy mods doing their jobs.
9: Don't give out, try to get, or trade confidential information.
10: Don't make more than one account.
11: Don't beg to become a moderator.
12: Don't deceive members.
13: Don't disobey the rules posted in announcements and stickies by staff.
If you follow the general idea of the ToS outlined here you will probably not have any problems. Members who want to know more about the details of these restrictions should consult the full Terms of Service.