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hi im new here ^^ ... and I have a question...

i just had sex some days ago for the first time with my bf who is like 2 years older than me

im not taking the pill and we had no condom so he promised he would pull out... but he didnt >.<

it wasnt a misstake either... becouse he came for a long time and he stayed in me the entire time...and kind of like... held it as far in as he could...

it was very annoying but he said that it was to hot not to do it >.<

so are all your bfs like this to?? or just mine and is it really that good for the guy to cum inside? I mean it felt really good when he did it, but now im kinda afraid of having sex with him again, becouse I dont want to get pregant >.<

and is it easier to get pregnant if he cums when he is "deep" inside?
It's almost instinctive for the guy to jam it deep in your vagina when he orgasms. I noticed that with my bf, he does some short thrusts and then pushes it so hard he squishes my lips flat, LOLz. You should have used a condom silly.