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    Default The First Time You Saw A Penis In Real Life - What'd You Think?

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    I saw my dad's one time, but I was younger and barely remember it. I saw my older brother's not too long ago, on a couple of occasions, but he wasn't hard and was partly covered with a towel. But the time I watched a friend masturbate for me a couple months back, that was the first one I saw in person (and in action). I was very intrigued, and I liked what I saw in the way it looked and the way it, well, did its job. I wasn't blown away by the size, even though I'd say this boy was about 6-1/2 inches long, maybe. His penis was pretty skinny compared to a few Ive seen in porn, but I don't watch that much porn, so I'm not a great judge of that. I'd have to saw that what he did with it, and what it did when it was around and when it came, was exciting and impressive. Size, well, I dunno. It wasn't like a monster I was afraid of. All in all it was very cool to see it up close and in action.

    What was your impression of the first one you ever saw in person, in action or not?

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    Default Re: The First Time You Saw A Penis In Real Life - What'd You Think?

    Story telling is not allowed.

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