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    Default Serial vs Sequential multiple orgasms

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    I found this on the web:

    Sequential multiples are a series of climaxes that come fairly close together -- from two to 10 minutes apart -- with a drop-off in your arousal in between. "It's just like riding a roller coaster: You dip down after the first hill before climbing back up another one," explains Susan Crain Bakos, author of Sexational Secrets (St. Martin's Press, 1996). The most common scenario for sequentials: an oral sex climax followed by another climax during intercourse.

    Serial multiples are an even wilder ride: Your orgasms come one after another, separated by mere seconds with barely any interruption in arousal. "Here you feel wave after wave of pleasure, one on top of the other," says Bakos. You're most likely to have your boat rocked by serials during full-force intercourse as he hits one or more of your hottest spots. So, ready to go from "O" to "OOOOO!"?,00.html

    I wanted to know, which one do you normally have? And when people talk about multiple orgasms, which one are they normally referring to?

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    Default Re: Serial vs Sequential multiple orgasms

    I don't have multiple orgasms very often, but when I do, they're sequential, not serial. As for the most common type, I don't know. Everyone is different. Some people can't even have multiple orgasms, while others can easily have orgasm after orgasm whenever they please.
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    Default Re: Serial vs Sequential multiple orgasms

    I would say mine are a mix. Sometimes there is a gap of only about 15 seconds (serial), and other times it's more like 3-4 minutes (sequential). When I refer to multiple orgasms, I am thinking about the serial ones, which I think are somewhat rarer.

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