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    Default Flashing Dares (girls only)

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    To all girls out there would you dare to or have you ever flashed your bottom or pussy? To a guy if so what age was you & how much if ya pussy did you show i.e. Just pubic hair or entire pussy showing slit how many boys were present and what was there reaction and would you do it again and was there any other girls present if so what was there reaction did they turn away or look directly at ya pussy I.e. Were they embarrassed by ya pussy flash. And have you ever seen another girl flash her pussy did you look or was you offended by the girl flashing also how much did you see

    I will go first yes I have flashed my pussy I first did it in the summer I was 14yrs old it was a dare by some of my girl mates there were boys and girls present I showed my entire vagina showing my slit as well and I had a full bush the reaction from the boys was clapping cheering and laughing and from the girls much the same all the girls had a good look as much as the boys and yes I would do it again and yes I have seen another girl flash her entire vagina I enjoyed it a lot thanks for ya time Lil Mia(hairy Front Bum) and proud of it x x x

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