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Thread: 13 year old abs

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    Default 13 year old abs

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    Any 13 year olds here have abs?
    What excersices do you do to get them?
    I want them

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    Default Re: 13 year old abs

    Its not unheard of.
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    Depends on the person, I would recommend doing some crunches/sit ups.
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    Default Re: 13 year old abs

    Don't be fat and you'll have abs.
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    Default Re: 13 year old abs

    Quote Originally Posted by roan View Post
    Don't be fat and you'll have abs.
    What he said. Eat right, exercise. I play baseball and hockey, and most of the guys on my team have them.

    It isn't very difficult if you eat right and excercise.

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    Default Re: 13 year old abs

    abs are the toughest thing to get....just do alota leg lifts, bridges, and a ton of running and itll come eventualy

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    Default Re: 13 year old abs

    Everyone in the world has abs, its just a matter of having a low enough BF% for them to show. Train your abs using exercises like planks, sit ups, russian twists, leg lifts, etc. in order to make them larger and stronger (just like any muscle) and then work on getting a low enough BF%

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