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    Default balls hurt after masturbation

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    This happens to me on the occasion, some nights when i do it more that once my balls sometimes hurt.

    dosent last too long, and it only happend a few times, it ison't a regular thing.

    Anybody know why???

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    Default Re: balls hurt after masterbation

    how are you masturbating? do you use a rough/rigiorous method? those rougher methods tend to bounce things around probably a little more than is healthy for you and can cause even cause some bruising. then, if you are masturbating every day, you're really not helping the problem.

    try slowing down with whatever method you're using to masturbate and if you can, try to switch it up to every other day instead of every day. you might also hold your scrotum with one hand while you stimulate your penis with the other. that would keep things a little more in their place.

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    Default Re: balls hurt after masturbation

    you like it rough eh? haha
    try using lube.. maybe you're jacking off to hard
    take it slow.. you'll cum anytime soon

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