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Jacob.....Are You Gay?!?.....Yes I am!

Don't Stop Thinking About TOMORROW!

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by , Aug-12-2011 at 01:02 AM (709 Views)
Such an incredibly hectic day.....moving from apartment to new house is soooo much work. But you all don't care about that little piece of complaint when I explain the rest........

So I got into my first (and hopefully only) car accident today on my way to pick up new furniture for my bedroom.....Freaked me out....I am alright and so were all those involved. Im not at liberty to discuss who was at fault or anything like that but just know that I am perfectly fine.... Gotta deal with the insurance people and that crap in the morning but it shouldnt be too bad. I have much more to look forward too.

To follow up on my last post.....TJ (a.k.a the most wonderful person I have ever met) is about 12-13 hours away from becoming my boyfriend and I am so ready to become his. After our date last friday, we shared the most amazing first kiss ever (at least for me it was). We have since decided that we are going to become official the next time we see each other which will be in 12-13 hours. Ill let you all know how that goes but I am expecting another amazing evening with this amazing guy. It is clear to me that what I feel with him is worth a lot more than what I have felt towards others and the fact that he is far more concerned about getting to know me than he is with having sex shows me that he is worth the feelings I have. He is showing a lot of selflessness and making sure that I am happy which is such a new thing for me because I have always been the one to go without. Now I get to be with someone who has every characteristic I could ever dream of and he will treat me the way I deserve. I have a feeling that a great relationship is going to form here
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  1. JansterXP's Avatar
    I like the way u accepted ur gay its kind of cool for you to be that courageous ^_^
  2. trumpeter's Avatar
    Awe thanks