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Jacob.....Are You Gay?!?.....Yes I am!

There are times when life takes an unexpected turn...

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by , Aug-08-2011 at 11:56 PM (887 Views)
Greetings all. I am still alive and well despite my absence. Parents kinda lost it for a bit but it'll be well for now.

There is a lot going on now so bear with me as I am continuing the blog at a slight inconvenience to me but all for you guys. So first a little update.....

I have just met someone who far exceeds anything I have ever looked for in a relationship. I'm not talking just looks here but he has the entire package. He is the most interesting person I have ever met. Personality: He has a great sense of humor...dorky at times but that makes him even more adorable. He is very upbeat despite having gone through some tough situations. He is incredibly honest...something that means a very great deal to me. Another wonderful thing about him is his musical inclination...perfect for a band geek like myself I know I am bragging here but I cant say enough about him. In all honesty I can't find anything wrong with him. The best part is the he is looking for a relationship and is equally interested in me. When we become official I will be the happiest guy on the planet.

I also have a job now Yay me!! and my parents just closed on a house so no more apartment. woot woot!!

Havent gotten much to use for blog posts so i guess ill use this as a diary for now until I have something to write about. As always feel free to ask anything you like.

Take care
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  1. Will Redmon's Avatar
    im not gay obviousley havent met me....jk jk haha...congrats man im happy for you
  2. whatsup12's Avatar
    great for you dude!