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Jacob.....Are You Gay?!?.....Yes I am!

My date and the consequences....

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by , Jul-19-2011 at 10:45 AM (1169 Views)
I apologize for my absence on here lately. I have had a lot going on and with the privacy issues I have right now I am finding it very difficult to get on here at times. I will try to keep this thing going for as long as I can until I have nothing else to discuss.....

My parents flipped out because they knew I went on a date. For those of you who haven't read my previous posts, You should know that my parents are extreme hardcore baptists who have it ingrained in them that homosexuality is condemned by God. As such when I returned from my date I got the worst lecture of my life. 3 hours of them telling me that everything I do is gonna make me go to hell. It concluded with them telling me that if I don't make an effort to change then I need to find a new place to live. At this point, I am ready to go but I don't want to and realistically I have no where else to go. They told me that there is nothing I can say or do to make them change their mind on the subject. They keep comparing me to an alcoholic or mass murderer, which is the most ridiculous analogy they could've possibly come up with. Not to mention that I don't believe being gay is a sin. fornification....yes it is but in this day in age more people than not have sexual relations before marriage. I don't believe that condemns you to hell.

In the mean time....Ill do my best to stay strong even tho my life is about to become hell on earth because they will probably take away my phone and stuff so if I disappear its probably because they blocked my internet access. Ill still find a way to get to you guys. I am not weak in this battle. They have always told me to stand up for my beliefs and that's exactly what I am gonna do. I have the support of the entire online community as well as all of my closest friends.

Until next time...
Take care

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  1. Bls752's Avatar
    Darling, find a job and high tale it out of there. They will come around, but you will feel more comfortable in your own place. Then you can go on all the dates you want to and not feel any pressure. Find a roommate if you have too.
  2. noahjgarcia88's Avatar
    i think you need a break from the them(parents) and just relax: hang out and then mabe when the've calmed down, mabe you can help get them more information about being gay, and help them understand you better!!! remind them that (mom is a bible nut) no matter what god loves alll his children!!!!!!!_____good luck______!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. trumpeter's Avatar
    Thanks noah. Perhaps this is all happening to fast for them. It is hard because when I was away at school I was out and open with everyone and nobody had a problem with it. I shouldn't have agreed to come back home and take online classes. Or maybe I shouldn't have come out yet. Idk but ill try to just get them to trust me again but it is their firm belief that being gay is a sin so nothing short of a miracle will change their mind.
  4. burn001down's Avatar
    Hi! Also in the tampa area. Hit me up if you wanna talk. [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]