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Jacob.....Are You Gay?!?.....Yes I am!

Leave me the F*** alone, MOM

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by , Jun-26-2011 at 03:53 PM (1100 Views)
What the heck does she want from me. All I did was come out of the closet. Come's 2011....Get a hold of yourself. I wasnt crying out for help all I did was give you a heads up....She blew it so far out of proportion....

Because of my coming out my entire family is suffering the craziness of my mother. She for whatever reason is trying to act all spiritual now as if she is a higher being or something. We have always been a religious family but there really is no reason for her to go all out nuts with it now. She forces us to go to church...which my complaint is purely by principle because I would go anyways. She listens to nothing but christian music on the radio every single day... That is just what my family gets to endure.... I get a whole level of insanity from her....

She harrasses me on a daily basis with links to Ex-gay videos and testimonies about how god can help change me.....I DONT FUCKING WANT TO CHANGE!!!!! I am finally being honest with myself and now she wants to make me go back.....Every single day she does this.... She uses every opportunity to get under my skin with ignorant comments and schemes to try to change my mind....She doesnt realize that she is just driving me further and further away! UGH!!!!

Sure there are several conservative views that disallow christians to be gay....but this is just absurd.... I am Christian.... I know in my heart that I am going to Heaven and I am gay.... Why is that so hard to get people to see.... God does not approve of this harrasment and persecution that I recieve from my own flesh and blood. Come on Mom!

Sorry Guys for this harsh post but I really really needed to vent!
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  1. The Marquis's Avatar
    Sorry about your mother troubles
  2. far_away's Avatar
    i dont tell my parents that i am partly gay.
  3. trumpeter's Avatar
    I really expected her to react better. I thought I would get this treatment from my dad but never from my mom. Oh well....I know things will get better's just a matter of time....any day now....
  4. suSpencer's Avatar
    The best things to do are just try to ignore it and NEVER let her get to you. You are who you are. It's hard, but always keep your chin up
  5. Bls752's Avatar
    Just let her freak out. It may be a pain in the ass but she'll come around soon enough. The trick is, let her win. Any time that she confronts you, tune it out and just say ok. You can't have a one sided fight, now can you?
  6. trumpeter's Avatar
    I can't exactly tune her out. She wont be satisfied unless I denounce my homosexuality. Its not gonna happen tho so she can get bent. I will try not to let it get to me anymore tho.
  7. doykid's Avatar
    Have you seen this movie call Prayers for Bobby? It's kind of sad in that the gay son eventually commits suicide (this movie takes place in the the 70s). But it is also about the struggle of a mom who tries to change her son since she is also from a Christian background but she begins to question her faith and her relationship with God when her son commits suicide. The other family members were more acepting of him. She begins to read this diary her son had left behind which tells her that her son isn't on this path to damnation because he was still looking to God to help him and to a church which accepts and helps gays. Of course, I'm emphasizing the religious struggle here, not the suicide. Eventually she learns to accept him even though it was after his death.

    It's on youtube: YouTube - ‪Bobby (2009 Gay Film Based On A True Story Starring Sigourney Weaver) Part 1 of 6‬‏
    Updated Jul-06-2011 at 07:49 PM by doykid
  8. Chris97's Avatar
    Thats unfortounate. I hope things get better for you!
  9. awesomedude1996's Avatar
    I'm sorry I hope everything goes well for you.
  10. patrickmcc55's Avatar
    Sorry about all the cr*p you go through. Kind of ironic when a parent acts less mature, less understanding, and less intelligent than their own kid. Im a christian too, but with a much more inclusive doctrine than your Mom's. (they have gay weddings ). Their whole deal is that your goal should be to act like Jesus as much as you can, and Jesus was about love and understanding, not hate and criticism. Sounds like you Mom has lost the spirit of Christ. Bet she would have a fit if you told her, hey, I changed my mind. Im straight now. I met a wonderful 22 year old black single Mom of 3, and were getting serious.
    Hang in there, you sound really grounded. Any person, guy or girl would be lucky to have you as a partner.
  11. trumpeter's Avatar
    Life is getting a lot easier for me actually. I appreciate all the advice and comforting words you have all given me. I just so happened to find someone who has been in a similiar situation with his parents (also super conservative). I met him last friday for our first date. We have since decided that we are perfect for each other in every way.... In about 12-13 hours I will be meeting TJ again and officially making him my boyfriend. I consider myself very lucky to have met such a wonderful guy.
  12. awesome_boy's Avatar
    Don't expect it to get better. Moms always see being gay as a problem, thats how God MADE THEM! Also... you should also see other aspects of your life, believe me, sexuality is not everything in this world, maybe that is what your mother wants you to see. I bet God has given you really amazing gifts and right now all you talk to God about is your mother... Have you told him that you don't care what he asks of you, you will do it because you love him, that a dedicating him your entire life would still be too little to repay his love for you... Pray and be happy, the people that suffer the most are the happiest, for example, Saint Madre Teresa de Calcuta! She suffered a lot, and we (including me) cant even stop eating a chocolate for God... Funny I say it in a good way.

    I am Gay too, I am a Catholic and I am extremely happy and since I live in Mexico I get to see poverty each and everyday and I figured out... I rather be gay (Sensitive, emotional, spiritual, happy, and many other things too) than be poor, and I am sure the day I am poor too Ill finally be happier!

    I wanted to say it in private but I still cant because of the posts and that sorta crapppppp.... anyway BE HAPPY, when you know you love God, what can go wrong, but can you love him even more... we will always be in debt with his love!