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Jacob.....Are You Gay?!?.....Yes I am!

Life Update and a little thanks from a fan....

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by , Jun-25-2011 at 09:01 PM (620 Views)
Hey everyone.... Sorry again for the delay between posts....I am finally back in Tampa after helping my mom move down from Virginia Beach. Any how life is going pretty well. Now that I am back in Tampa I am going to try to get back on my job search and use that Security + Certification to start making bank. I could use the money to pay for a car and an apartment (to avoid the whole parental problems with relationships).

Earlier this morning I received a compliment from one of the forum members...

Originally Posted by Bls752
If no one ever says it, I want to say thank you. You've become a great influence on the LGBT teens on here. And a great role model. Your doing a great job. Keep it up.

I really appreciate recognition like this....It makes me remember why I do what I do on here. Again Bls752, thanks for letting me know that what I am doing is helping people!

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