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Jacob.....Are You Gay?!?.....Yes I am!

Can.....Anybody....Find Me.....Somebody to... LOVE?!!!

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by , Jun-06-2011 at 01:01 AM (885 Views)
First off let me just say that is such a good song.....Ya I know old but awesome.

Today's post is gonna be a little about finding that special someone but more importantly its about how to know if someone is not that person. No I haven't been in that many relationships so I am not a master at this but there are some qualities you look for in someone that you wanna end up with....

Here are some examples of a "relationship" that had some near perfect things but I eventually realized it was never gonna work. If you have read some of my other blog posts you will remember my friend who I fooled around with. I definitely did everything right in this situation but there came the point where it just wasn't mean't to be. Unfortunately that moment usually comes with a lot of other emotions. For those of you who don't know, I had feelings for him...I mean we were best friends before all of this but I seriously loved being with him. He had the looks, the personality, and for a second I thought he had the ability to reciprocate the feelings I had for him. Well that's where I was wrong... He got very defensive about everything and we went from always being together to just complete akwardness whenever either of us was around the other. I'm not gonna lie...this hurt...bad...really really the point where I was staying up all night a couple times a week and just crying.....Yes is said it....I was CRYING!!! It was as if a part of me had just been ripped away.

But I am for the most part over that now. In fact my friend and I are back on good terms and it not akward anymore....Do I still have feelings for him.....Of course....But I have accepted the fact that we are not meant to be together so I settled for keeping him as a really close friend because its valuable to have someone who get's you around and trust me I have been through so much with that kid so I wouldn't have it any other way....

So what about this special someone thing??? Ill admit...I am single right now. Oh well that means I get to keep searching for someone. But that kinda goes against what I am about to discuss... It has come to my attention that many people feel like they must be in a relationship to be happy. Well that simply is not true. Casually dating is perfectly find but if you have a bf or a gf purely for the sake of having someone I just find the concept kinda disturbing. Here is some advice: Don't go searching for your soul mate. You can't be trying to force a relationship with every new person you meet. Believe me when I say don't need a relationship to be happy.

There is no problem with wanting one. Heck I would love a relationship but the fact is that the right person will come along eventually and you will know when you meet them that they are the one for you. Picture everything you have ever wanted in a relationship and now put that into a body. I can't tell you when you will meet them but I guarantee you they are out there for you. I can also tell you that they are gonna look at you and think the same things about you. You will both love and care for each other and complain about your personal flaws while the other assures you that your flaws are actually your greatest characteristics.

Trust me... Your Somebody to Love is just around the corner...give em time to get to you. With that I wanna leave you all with a song that kinda sums up the message I am portraying in this post..... I will be doing this for most of my blogs from now on because I often associate songs with different feelings or situations in my life and when I listen to music all of my problems shrink..... So without further delay.... the song for this post is.......Haven't Met You Yet by Michael Bublé....listen to it even if you already know it and read the lyrics if you can't pick them up from the song. I personally find this song soo inspiring when I feel lonely...Hope it helps you all too...

Have a Great Night!


  1. Will Redmon's Avatar
    this reminds me of justin bieber............"I JUST NEED SOMEBODY TO LOVE!!!"
  2. trumpeter's Avatar
    I was actually referring to Queen.....
  3. The Marquis's Avatar
    Don't worry, I got the reference. >.<
  4. Will Redmon's Avatar
    oh yeah queen too.........haha sorry........but dont worry you will find someone....i promise.......i hate when i cant find someone.....but the wait makes it just that much better when you finaly find the blog....hope you find what your looking ya bro!!!!....good luck
  5. trumpeter's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Felixrowen
    Don't worry, I got the reference. >.<
    .....And that is why you are my Gov Little Brother....
  6. JSBT's Avatar
    you are awesome i love queen espically freddie thnks for proving queen is awesoem