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Jacob.....Are You Gay?!?.....Yes I am!

Jacob.....Are You Gay?!?.....Yes I am!

Hey all. For those of you who don't know me... I am Jacob. I am a 19 year old guy. My life has been completely hectic in the last year with the first year of college. Also... in February of this year (2011) I officially recognized the fact that I am gay. I posted about the event with one of my friends which led to this...but yah thats how it is. So anyways let me discuss what I am gonna be writing here.

For those who don't know... I wrote a paper for my Engish 101 class entitled Gay In America: A Synthesis on Homosexuality (posted below). It addresses some of the many issues surrounding the LGBTQ Community. While doing the research to write the paper I was struggling with my own personal issues....coming out. I knew that I had to do it eventually so it was on my mind a lot at that point. Um ok kinda off topic a little bit now.....

So I am going to be writing some of my own views of some of the issues addressed in my paper along with some that aren't included in it. My blog is going to be both an outlet for my expression of some of the hidden opinions I have and a way for you guys to read about some of the issues you want to here about. I will also add some of my daily life struggles that perhaps some of you have encountered so I might benefit from any input as well. I dont want this to be a mile long so Ill stop here.... If you have any questions or would like me to discuss something in my blog feel free to comment any time.

  1. Everything going on in my crazy life!

    by , Sep-05-2011 at 05:21 PM (Jacob.....Are You Gay?!?.....Yes I am!)
    So its been sometime since I last posted. I figured I would update you all with some more of what has been going on with me. I'll break it down into several sections:

    Parents: They are still treating me inappropriately :/ Ive come to accept that they probably will never be able to fully understand my position so I am planning to move out as soon as I can to avoid any further conflict with them.

    College: I have been accepted into Colorado Technical Universtiy's Online Program. ...