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Birthday Present Madness

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by , Mar-28-2012 at 11:09 PM (369 Views)
Gahhhhh!! I want to open my presents, but I can't. Well, I could, but I should wait for the actual day.

So here's the story:

I went back to school this past Sunday and my parents gave me my present (which apparently has other presents inside) and told me not to open it until my actual birthday (in a week or so). Well, when I got back, I realized how long I would have to wait and I left the package on my desk...BIG mistake. Now I feel it taunting me to open it. I could hide it or give it to my roommates to store for me or even to my brother, but I kind of want to just keep it near...

So, today, I caved and it got a hold of me and I just couldn't resist opening it. I ended up calling my parents to tell them what I was about to do and my dad said "No, you have to wait," whereas my mom said,"You can open one a day." There's a problem with just opening up one. I CANNOT STOP AT ONE! Like, if I open up one, it will only take about a minute and then it will be over and I wouldn't feel like I accomplished much. Whereas eight feels like I accomplished something and it would take more time.

So, while fighting a battle amongst myself, I decided to just look at the card. My dad gave me a penny and they wrote about how they loved me and were sorry they couldn't be here on my birthday this year. It is a nice card. Now, the present part. I knew if I opened the big package of this one present, there would be several presents waiting inside (from what they told me). I knew if I opened the big package to get to the other ones, then I would not just have one complication (me being like *ooooo what's inside?*), but several.

After a few minutes of debate, I decided to just store the present inside my closet in a corner I don't look at. I hid the opened card there too, so it wouldn't hint to me that there was a present. As you can tell, my self-restraint can sometimes waver when curious about what's inside presents. So I'm hoping within the next hour, or whenever I start writing my 280+ homework assignment, I'll forget about it until a week later. Here's to hoping!

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