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by , Mar-03-2012 at 12:25 AM (327 Views)
I cant take those people who just want you to get down, those who purposly toy with your emotions... I get rield up easy, adn peopel do it to em purposly. it sucks. You can tell me what ever, dont go along with it, and dont be held up about it. fuck it.. i cnat control my self defence of my mind... im just to far riled at the moment to fiinish this. If you think this is a whiny complaint, fuck off
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  1. 4skn's Avatar
    That's true tho emotion are everything so why play with them.
  2. RhiannonDusk's Avatar
    Wow... And I thought I was the only one with those problems. Toying with others' emotions is the most crappy thing people can do in my view. But... Don't take it personally, really. There is a negative following of every wrong thing someone does. People pay for their wrong dos. And every mean person also will.
  3. kirosaka's Avatar
    rhiannondusk its not true that much people will pay for their sins many people like pedophiles can just go away with it i dint niw why.people think the world changed but it didn its mostly the same bad people get punished un jail ya think so. a few years punishment thats all.homofoobs -dint now if i typed it right- can yust go around the world and spread their hate without punishment wtf yust like 500 years ago