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Born to Run

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by , Feb-27-2012 at 10:57 PM (426 Views)
I determined. I want to run out of my little town, and Become the greatest star to ever live. I want to rock out on stage liek my heroes, sing and write my songs, with a big old band... dance and run across the stage with thousands of eyes at me at once. theirs only one man i cna relate this to... his name is the boss... BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN WHO IM SEEING IN A MONTH. I wnat do what he and his E street band did,a nd get out of the little towns, and play my heart out. He and i have alot thing in common, the most important thign is we are both born to run
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  1. Ryan's Avatar
    Bruce Springsteen is playing at my club's football stadium in the summer.
  2. coreyorama's Avatar
    im seeing him at the TD garden in boston next month