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i read the news today, oh boy

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by , Feb-27-2012 at 06:11 PM (329 Views)
aparently the shootings outside clevland has rose to 2 dead. Another death due to bullying. great. congradulations, Being the son of the VP of a anti-bullying foundation, i can tell you it takes a while for this shit to happen. you dont get bulliued once, grab a gun and start shooting. this is years of built up shit. Aparently the people shot were random and this wasnt planned very well, i hence feel horrible for these families. The ones who caused this must feel real proud now, 5 injured and 2 dead... great job. what has this world come to, driving students to homocide
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  1. Damuffin's Avatar
    i heard tht on the news so sad
  2. kirosaka's Avatar
    wtf that is retarded if i cud choose being raped or kill aperson i wud still nit kill a person cse i dont have a smeagol brain sry for the comparement and rhe usage if the wird rape