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  1. Seeing, Hearing, A poem

    by , Mar-18-2012 at 09:14 PM
    A mind is behind is behind two eyes
    A mind is between two ears
    The one doesnít function without the other
    Your eyes need to be wide open to hear the earthís sounds
    You scare me though
    I look into your eyes, bright and wide open, but they canítsee one damn thing
    You walk around in a balance act
    You feel your way around
    But you donít know what you are feeling
    You canít see what is around you
    And you canít hear what to call it
    Some may ...
  2. And in the End

    by , Mar-11-2012 at 04:34 AM
    I jsut had the most Bi polar conversation with my best firned and lead guitarist. we start off having the most disgusting battle, ripping into eachothers cores and then it changed... i finaly relised i fucked up, and in the end felt horrible. But it was nice... it was like beating your inner demons thate raved on inside of you until they finaly got so knocked out and dead, you became relaxed... and it really feels fantastic
  3. Instant Karmas Gunnna get you

    by , Mar-08-2012 at 10:19 PM
    So i had to proform tonight to get into the music honors program at my school. I have people who hate me... i can hit high notes... adn i can shout... adn i hit them tonight wtu no fly... adn i had those hater laughing.... but instant karma as john lennon said knocked them off their feet... they fialed.. both acts they were in... so fuck them... im a winner, my bands the best thing that ever hit that stage... and we are better then the rest
  4. Sailors, fighting in the dance halls.

    by , Mar-07-2012 at 08:46 PM
    Their are idiots in this world. THier are real idiots... and the biggest idiots are the ones who know sometihng should be expecting sometihng who arent. We all on here know, im a msucian... infact all of my blog posts have been named after song lyrics. Music teachers... especialy those who in high school were in bands should know what rockers should act like. I eing inducted into the MODERN MUSIC MASTERS PROGRAM... known as TRI-M. I have to proform tommorow as part of my induction. I last minnuet ...
  5. California Dreamin

    by , Mar-05-2012 at 06:21 PM
    So, i hate connecticut, and the east coast is sometimes nice, but not the most pleasent of places. My dream is to after collage move out with firends to San Fransisco. Its all i hope for, ipen a little music shop on the Height, start a band, and be fun. i want to just live a nice calm lifestyle in the hip san fransisco bay area. Its so relaxed, so nice... so calm, unliek this cold miserable hell hole. get me out of here.... jsut liek the song, california dreamin, on such a winters day
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